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«Creepy Lessons» is a game about Dima and his gf Vika. One night they went to school, then the lights falls and something has stolen Vika. You should find her and leave the school.

Dima and his girlfriend Vika decided to meet near the abandoned school. Dima has been preparing long for this moment, but the school yard appears to be not the best place for a declaration of love. The light turns down, and something has stolen Vika in the darkness. Incoming call: Vika appears to be into the school. Now is it possible for Dima to save his beloved and get her out of the school, teeming terrible evil spirits?

«Creepy Lessons» is a top-down 2D horror. Your main task is to find Vika and get her out of the school. It seems everything is very simple, but Vika's location is unknown, and most of the doors are locked, so you need to look for the keys to open them. And as it was said, there is a lot of monsters, your only weapon is a flashlight. Don't forget about that not all the monsters will gone by the light, and if something goes wrong, just run! You can also collect speed-up apples and broken CD's. What the point of collecting the broken CD's? Oh, you have a chance to find a working CD, but no one knows, what it contains. And for the dessert - another dimension, but this is worst nightmare ever, unescapable till the certain time.

Don't be afraid and have a good time in «Creepy Lessons»!

Coffee Jam Party
PlatformsWindows, Flash
Release date Jul 25, 2013
Tags2D, Horror, school
Code licenseUnlicense
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksVK Community, Facebook page, Steam Greenlight, Homepage

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