Demo released!

So, Graveblood never had it's own dedicated page or something, usually people were aknowleged about this game by rare posts on Reddit, GIFs, videos scattered all over the web. There wasn't a place, where you could find all the answers at once. But here we are, Graveblood finally have it's page, where you can at least spectate the development process. This demo version was built specially for some fesival in the city nearby. It is short by the design, so people could just play it a minute and go on to other things, freeing the gamepad to other people. Since the Internet only saw one very old and dull demo, I decided to share this new version with you. And what other good place to do so than Keep in mind, this demo doesn't reflect the final product I have in mind, everything will be better and there will be much more things to do. If I ever finish this game.

If you like this demo, please consider checking out my earrape music, later releases are related to Graveblood story in some way or another. I also do animations, check out my animation playlist. Hopefully will post something soon. Good luck to everyone, and be carefull exploring Graveblood ;)

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